Loungefly January Pre-Orders start tonight 9pm / 12 am est

Pre-Order Updates

Pre-order Updates


Massive Shipping Delays!  We apologize for this but it is out of our control. We want to get you these bags as fast as we can.   Daily Twitter feed of the Boat count stuck at Port. 



Below is a list of the estimated pre-order delivery dates. All pre-order dates are subject to change and are only estimates.  

Items that are not listed below are In Stock.


Item ETA


Disney Spooky Mice Mini Backpack W/Ears 12/1-12/17
Snow White Castle Series Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Snow White Castle Series Crossbody 12/1-12/17
Snow White Castle Series Wallet 12/1-12/17
Vampire Stitch Cosplay Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Vampire Stitch Cosplay Wallet 12/1-12/17
Harry Potter Luna Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Arriving Soon
Universal Monsters Cosplay Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Universal Monsters Cosplay Wallet 12/1-12/17 Arriving soon
Mickey Minnie Snowman AOP Mini Backpack W/Headband Set 12/1-12/17
Snowman Mickey & Minnie Headband 12/1-12/17
Disney Gingerbread AOP Headband 12/1-12/17
Arriving Soon
101 Dalmations Ears Headband 10/31-11/20
Winnie the Pooh Honeypot Convertible Bucket Backpack 12/1-12/17
Winnie the Pooh Accordion Wallet 12/1-12/17
Dumbo 80th Wallet 12/1-12/17
Jafar Villains Scene Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Arriving Soon
Jafar Villains Scene Wallet 12/1-12/17
Pokemon Piplup Cosplay Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Pokemon Piplup Wallet 12/1-12/17
Dr. Seuss The Grinch Mini Backpack 12/1-12/17
Arriving Soon